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Exhibition in the Felleshus

Markku Piri: »The Spirit of Paradise«

09.05.12- 30.06.12

The travelling exhibition »The Spirit of Paradise« (Madrid – Barcelona – Lisbon – Berlin – Washington) presents the most recent works of the versatile Finnish designer Markku Piri (b. 1955). For more than 30 years Piri has created works in various media, confidently moving from one material to another. This exhibition features printed fabrics and glass objects.

Viewers are offered insight both into Piri’s current work as well as into his world of shapes and colours. The exhibition also reveals the starting points and sources of inspiration for his artistic work. On view are printed fabrics he designed in recent years as well as colourful glass objects that are unique because they can be combined in so many different ways. One example of Markku Piri‘s creative work as fashion designer is the evening dress and jewellery he designed for the famous Finnish opera singer Karita Mattila.

 »Markku Piri enjoys his work; it is only natural for him to give expression to the beauty of the world and joy in life. It is remarkable that as far as possible, he wants to bring aesthetics to everyday life. He is very perceptive and sensitive to shapes and colours – both in the urban environment and in nature. Markku Piri sees the world with analytical acuity but also with childlike joy and curiosity. He is also attracted to details that are overlooked by others, as can be seen in his countless photos taken at home and while travelling. Markku Piri is dedicated to everything he creates with body and soul. He is well versed in the general aspects of design, but at the same time is also a master of detail. Depending on the respective product, his form language varies from baroque opulence to graphic, geometric lines. However, both elements can appear in one and the same product.

Markku Piri’s innate excellent and sensitive eye for colours is one of the foundations of his oeuvre. Colours are, after all, the essence of his work. Characteristic are unconventional colour combinations and strong contrasts, but also his sophisticated play with various nuances of a single colour. Markku Piri is an artist who goes his own way and who, apart from his solid artistic talent, also has endless energy and creativity. His unconventional and refreshingly wide-ranging work represents a significant contribution to the overall picture of Finnish design. In conjunction with the travelling exhibition, a 140-page book has been published that gives an overview of Markku Piri’s work

Ritva Röminger-Czako

An exhibition of the Embassy of Finland

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